Access to Actionable & Complete Lab & Clinical Results Data Enables Health Insurance Organizations to Improve Care Management

Health_plan_cardThrough truly interoperable lab and clinical data exchange, health insurance organizations (payors) can better manage individual care, support shared savings models, and deliver measurable and actionable outcomes.  Access to complete lab and clinical test results can help health plans drive down the cost of care and ultimately improve population.  Halfpenny Technologies offers comprehensive solutions to empower health plans with the right technology to tackle these initiatives and analytics tools for predictive modeling to address compliance and improve financial outcomes.

“Health plans struggle with the many challenges of health information exchanges and coordination of care,” Halfpenny Technologies President and CEO, Tim Kowalski, said.   “The clinical data integration solutions from Halfpenny Technologies, fuel health plans by giving them more complete access to the critical lab and clinical results data required for effective care management.  This data combined with powerful analytics and modeling tools empowers health insurance organizations to be more competitive and improve financial outcomes.”

Health insurance organizations are further burdened with constant challenges due to a rapidly evolving health care landscape fueled by change from compliance initiatives, health reform and an unstable economic environment.  To tackle these challenges, Halfpenny’s solutions provides access to clinical data and the necessary analytics tools to allow health plans to effectively manage patient risk and ensure better care coordination.  A health insurance organization’s ultimate success will be determined by its ability to:

  • Predict shifts in membership-base
  • Manage the cost of care
  • Collaborate more effectively with providers
  • Increase NCQA and HEDIS quality scores and Medicare Five-Star rating

Address health insurance organization’s need for complete clinical data

All health plans are facing the need to integrate clinical data such as lab results that is currently in disparate data warehouses across the enterprise.  Halfpenny Technologies aggregates, normalizes and consolidates laboratory and clinical test data so it can be seamlessly overlaid with quality report data, disease management data, population health data and claims data to gain holistic insights at the member level.

Tools to support collaborative care and shared savings models

Halfpenny solutions supports both the accountable care organizations (ACOs) and patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs) models to help health plans to drive down the cost of care.  Our solutions toolkits focus on improving quality and controlling cost of care by aligning the interests of health plans, providers and members.  Additionally, Halfpenny Technologies health plan tools:

  • Promote evidence-based medicine
  • Provide comparative effectiveness
  • Enable the seamless exchange of data for better integrated care
  • Offer analytics to support pay-for-performance initiatives

Measure return on investment with Halfpenny Technologies’ analytics tools

Real-time data exchange between health plans and providers is paramount to enable collaborative delivery model operation and measurement.  With Halfpenny Technologies solutions, health plans can analyze outcomes and address compliance through automated reporting for patient centric care analysis & recommendations based on nationally accepted recognized clinical guidelines.

Halfpenny Technologies solutions help Health plans face the challenges in measuring the return on investment of programs that provide “difficult-to-quantify” savings, such as wellness, case, care and disease management.  The clinical decision support, population health and revenue enhancement reports enable health plans to work more closely with providers to coordinate care, develop performance metrics, and implement long-term data tracking systems and processes.

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by Patricia Brown

Director of Marketing