A leader at the forefront of clinical data integration for more than 20 years, Charles Halfpenny is Chief Technology Officer and Founder of Halfpenny Technologies, Inc. He possesses extensive experience in developing CPOE, EMR and HIE solutions for hospitals and laboratories and served on the ASTM committee that developed the E1238 Standard Specification for Transferring Clinical Observations Between Independent Computer Systems. In addition, he developed the first commercially available order entry/results reporting application to utilize the ASTM E1238 standard, which was later incorporated into HL7. A frequent speaker at industry events on hospital connectivity to physician EMRs, Halfpenny pioneered computer-based medical records in 1987 with the creation of the award-winning Dr. Chart system. In October 1997, Advanced Health Corporation of Tarrytown, NY, acquired Dr. Chart. Halfpenny Technologies was founded in 2000 to meet the growing need for hospitals and laboratories to connect to HIS, LIS and EMR systems outside of their organizations’ technology environments.

Blogs Written by Charles Halfpenny:

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